Everything You Should Know About Kay Flock

“I’m the biggest rapper out of the Bronx, I don’t even gotta say it.” – Kay Flock

In the gritty streets of the Bronx, a 20-year-old rapper has been making waves with his raw, unfiltered lyrics and undeniable talent. Kay Flock, whose real name is Kevin Perez, has quickly risen to become one of the most talked-about figures in New York’s drill rap scene. With hit songs like “Is Ya Ready,” “Shake It” (featuring Cardi B), and “Not in the Mood” (which peaked at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100), he has earned the self-proclaimed title of “King of the Bronx.”

However, Kay Flock’s meteoric rise has been marred by controversy and legal troubles. This in-depth guide explores the making of the young rapper, his unique artistry, the criminal charges he faces, and what the future may hold for this polarizing figure.

The Making of Kay Flock

Kay Flock was born on April 20, 2003, in the Bronx borough of New York City. His zodiac sign is Taurus, and he is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Not much is known about his early life, except that his mother’s name is Jackie, and he was raised in the rough neighborhoods of the Bronx.

Despite his rough upbringing, Kay Flock found solace in music and basketball. He hoped to become a professional athlete but eventually gravitated towards hip-hop and began rapping. In May 2020, at just 17 years old, he released his first song, “FTO,” on YouTube, kickstarting his music career.

Kay Flock’s First Song and Breakthrough

While “FTO” didn’t make much noise initially, Kay Flock’s subsequent releases like “Opp Spotter,” “Shot Down,” and “Brotherly Love” helped him gain traction in the local drill rap scene. However, it was his 2021 hit “Not in the Mood” that truly put him on the map.

The song’s raw lyrics and gritty production resonated with listeners, and its music video amassed millions of views. “Not in the Mood” eventually peaked at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, cementing Kay Flock’s status as a rising star.

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Rise to Stardom

Building on the success of “Not in the Mood,” Kay Flock released his debut mixtape, “The D.O.A. Tape,” in 2021. The project showcased his diverse range, from hard-hitting drill tracks to more melodic, introspective cuts.

Kay Flock’s unique vocal style and delivery, coupled with his lyrical prowess, quickly set him apart from his peers. He gained further recognition with songs like “Is Ya Ready” and “Brotherly Love,” solidifying his reputation as a skilled storyteller and wordsmith.

In 2022, Kay Flock achieved mainstream success with the release of “Shake It,” a collaboration with fellow Bronx rapper Dougie B and hip-hop superstar Cardi B. The track peaked at #51 on the Billboard Hot 100, exposing Kay Flock’s talent to a wider audience.

As his fame grew, Kay Flock embraced the moniker “King of the Bronx,” a nod to his roots and his ambition to become the borough’s most prominent rapper.

Legal Troubles and Controversy

Despite his rising success, Kay Flock’s career took a dramatic turn on December 23, 2021, when he was arrested and charged with the murder of a 24-year-old man named Oscar Hernandez in Harlem.

According to police reports, Hernandez was shot multiple times outside a barbershop on December 16, 2021, succumbing to his injuries later at Mount Sinai Hospital. Kay Flock was identified as the alleged shooter and faces charges of second-degree murder and first-degree attempted assault.

The incident has polarized public opinion, with some defending Kay Flock as a product of his environment, while others condemn his alleged actions. The rapper has maintained his innocence, but if convicted, he could face life in prison or even the death penalty.

Kay Flock’s Artistry and Influence

Kay Flock's Artistry and Influence

Regardless of the legal outcome, Kay Flock’s impact on the New York drill rap scene is undeniable. His unique vocal style, characterized by a raspy, aggressive delivery and melodic inflections, has inspired countless imitators.

Lyrically, Kay Flock’s songs often delve into the harsh realities of life in the Bronx, painting vivid pictures of violence, poverty, and the struggle for survival. However, he also showcases a vulnerability and introspection that sets him apart from many of his peers.

Visually, Kay Flock’s music videos are equally captivating, with gritty cinematography and striking imagery that perfectly complements his music’s raw energy.

While he has drawn comparisons to other Bronx drill rappers like Dthang Gz and JoWvttz, Kay Flock’s distinct sound and persona have solidified his place as a trendsetter in the genre.

What’s Next for Kay Flock?

As Kay Flock’s legal battle continues, the future of his music career remains uncertain. If found guilty, he could face a lengthy prison sentence, potentially derailing his burgeoning success.

However, even in the face of adversity, Kay Flock’s dedicated fanbase has remained loyal, eagerly awaiting his next move. Some speculate that he may continue to release music from behind bars, following in the footsteps of other incarcerated rappers.

Regardless of the outcome, Kay Flock’s impact on the drill rap scene is already cemented. His raw talent, unapologetic authenticity, and ability to capture the harsh realities of his environment have resonated with listeners worldwide.

Why Kay Flock Matters

In many ways, Kay Flock represents the voice of a generation of young, disenfranchised youth in the Bronx and beyond. His music offers a raw, unfiltered glimpse into a world often misunderstood or ignored by mainstream society.

Love him or hate him, Kay Flock’s rise to prominence has sparked important conversations about the cycle of violence, poverty, and systemic issues that plague urban communities. His story serves as a reminder of the power of art to shed light on harsh truths and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

As the legal proceedings unfold and Kay Flock’s future remains uncertain, one thing is clear: his impact on the drill rap scene and his status as a voice for the voiceless will endure, solidifying his place as a controversial but influential figure in hip-hop history.


What is Kay Flock known for?

Kay Flock is best known for his hit songs “Is Ya Ready,” “Shake It” (featuring Cardi B), and “Not in the Mood” (which peaked at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100). He is also known for his unique vocal style, raw lyricism, and embracing the moniker “King of the Bronx.”

What was Kay Flock’s first song?

Kay Flock released his first song, “FTO,” on YouTube in May 2020 at the age of 17.

How many siblings does Kay Flock have?

Unfortunately, there is no publicly available information about Kay Flock’s siblings. His family background and personal life remain largely private.

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