Why Laura Moody Appears With No Wedding Ring?

There’s something immensely fascinating about the little details that catch our eye – those subtle nuances that spark widespread curiosity and fevered speculation online. One such mystery surrounds Laura Moody, the effervescent morning show host of Good Day Tampa Bay on Fox 13. 

Her infectious energy brightens countless homes each day, but eagle-eyed viewers have noticed one peculiar detail: Laura’s ringless finger, devoid of her wedding band. This sparked a frenzy of questions – is she still married? 

What’s the story behind the missing ring? Let’s dive into the intrigue surrounding this beloved TV personality.

Who is Laura Moody?

Who is Laura Moody?

For those unfamiliar, Laura Moody is the cheerful face millions wake up to each morning on WTVT Fox 13’s Good Day Tampa Bay. A proud alumna of Florida State University hailing from Alabama, Laura’s journey in broadcasting has taken her from Sarasota to Nashville before finding her home in the Sunshine State.

At Fox 13, she co-anchors alongside Russell Rhodes, sharing the spotlight with a team that feels more like family. Laura’s career has seen her tackle incredible stories – from daring skydiving adventures with the military to high-flying helicopter and plane rides. When not enlightening viewers, this self-proclaimed sports fan cheers on the Tampa Bay Lightning and Rays.

Her dedication to brightening mornings and sharing community moments, big and small, has cemented Laura as a beloved figure in the Tampa Bay area. But it’s her ringless finger that’s had tongues wagging lately.

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The Wedding Ring Speculation

In recent appearances, Laura has been spotted sans her wedding ring, immediately setting off alarms and sparking rumors about the state of her marriage. The burning question on everyone’s mind: Is Laura Moody still married?

Let’s address that burning inquiry head-on:

Yes, Laura Moody remains happily married to her husband, Jim Previtera, as of 2024.

So why the missing ring, you ask? Well, there could be myriad reasons – perhaps it’s being resized, cleaned, or she simply prefers not wearing it during her energetic morning show. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: her marriage to Jim appears solid as ever.

Who is Laura Moody’s Husband?

Speaking of Jim Previtera, let’s provide some context about the man who stole Laura’s heart. The couple tied the knot back in 2015, blending their families as Jim had four children from a previous relationship while Laura had one daughter.

From what limited details are public, Jim seems to be Laura’s unwavering support system, embracing the juggling act of family life and her high-profile career. Their relationship dynamic appears robust, withstanding the scrutiny that often accompanies celebrity marriages.

The Cultural Fascination with Wedding Rings

But why do we care so much about a simple piece of jewelry? Well, wedding rings have held profound symbolic significance across cultures for centuries. That little circular band represents an eternal commitment, a sacred vow, and unbreakable bond between two souls.

In today’s society, the mere absence of a ring can ignite rampant speculation about the state of a couple’s union. An anecdote to illustrate the point:

“I once had a cashier frantically apologize after referring to me as ‘Miss’ instead of ‘Mrs’ because I wasn’t wearing my ring that day,” shares Jessica Meyer, a 32-year-old Cincinnati resident. “It was an innocent mistake, but it shows how much emphasis we place on those rings.”

Of course, modern attitudes towards marriage symbolism are shifting. Some couples opt for alternative symbols, while others forgo visible emblems entirely. Yet, the wedding ring’s iconic status persists.

Famous Figures Who Skipped the Wedding Ring

Laura Moody isn’t the only public figure to buck the ring-wearing tradition. Many celebrities have chosen to forgo the classic wedding band for their own reasons:

  • Angelina Jolie: The actress famously building a life with Brad Pitt sans any ring for years before their 2016 split.
  • Jay-Z: The rap mogul stated he doesn’t wear a ring out of fear of it being ripped off. His marriage to Beyoncé remains rock-solid ringless.
  • Vladimir Putin: The Russian president is seldom seen with a ring, in keeping with KGB traditions.

As these examples illustrate, the absence of a ring doesn’t necessarily indicate trouble in paradise. For some, it’s merely a fashion choice or lifestyle preference.


To address a couple of frequently asked questions:

Who is Laura Moody married to?

Laura Moody has been happily married to Jim Previtera since their 2015 nuptials.

Is Laura Moody still on Fox 13?

Absolutely! Laura continues to co-host the incredibly popular Good Day Tampa Bay morning show on WTVT Fox 13, delighting viewers alongside Russell Rhodes each weekday from 6-10am.


At the end of the day, the feverish speculation around Laura Moody’s naked ring finger is much ado about nothing. Her marriage to Jim Previtera remains intact, and the beloved anchor shows no signs of departing the Fox 13 family anytime soon.

While the curiosity surrounding her ringless state is understandable given the ring’s symbolic heft, it’s a reminder that we shouldn’t rush to assumptions. Sometimes, a missing piece of jewelry is just that: a small, harmless detail blown out of proportion.

As Laura would likely attest, the true treasures in life have nothing to do with rings, but everything to do with the family, friends, and viewers who enrich our journey. So let’s appreciate her infectious spirit and the joy she brings to our mornings – with or without any rings adorning her finger.

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