Kathryn Feeney Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Wiki

Kathryn Feeney has quickly become a rising star in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her talent and charisma. Known for her roles in popular shows and movies, Kathryn’s fanbase in the USA and UK is growing steadily. 

This comprehensive blog post covers everything you need to know about Kathryn Feeney, including her age, height, husband, net worth, and more.

Kathryn Feeney’s Age and Birthday

Kathryn Feeney was born on December 4th, making her a Sagittarius. As of now, she is in her early 30s. Sagittarians are known for their adventurous spirit and optimism, traits that Kathryn embodies both on and off the screen. 

In a recent interview, she humorously remarked, “Every birthday is a reminder that there’s still so much more to achieve and experience.”

How Tall is Kathryn Feeney?

How Tall is Kathryn Feeney?

Kathryn Feeney stands tall at 5′ 8″ (172 cm). This height places her slightly above average for women in the United States and gives her a commanding presence on screen. To put it into perspective, she’s about the same height as Miley Cyrus. 

Besides her height, Kathryn maintains a healthy weight of 65 kg (143 lbs), with her physical stats contributing to her graceful and striking appearance. She has light brown hair and captivating black eyes, adding to her distinct look.

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Who is Kathryn Feeney’s Husband?

Kathryn Feeney is happily married to Zack Rad. The couple tied the knot on July 17, 2020. Their relationship is often highlighted by their shared love for creativity and adventure. 

Zack Rad is known for his support of Kathryn’s career and his own achievements in his field. While the couple currently does not have any children, they often share their joy in exploring new places and projects together.

Fun Fact

Their wedding was a small, intimate affair, reflecting their preference for keeping their personal life private and away from the spotlight. They enjoy a close-knit circle of friends and family who celebrated their union.

What is Kathryn Feeney’s Net Worth?

Kathryn Feeney’s estimated net worth is around $5 million. Her income primarily comes from her successful career as an actress, writer, and director. Some of her notable works include:

  • Mr. Iglesias on Netflix
  • Mixology
  • The Next Best Thing
  • Space Potato
  • Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Her multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry has allowed her to amass a significant fortune. Additionally, her roles in both independent and mainstream projects have diversified her portfolio and income streams.

Kathryn Feeney Bio & Wiki Facts

Birthplace: Kathryn was born in New York, USA. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Education: She pursued her education at the University of Queensland and later attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. This diverse educational background has equipped her with a broad perspective, enriching her acting and writing.

Career Journey: Kathryn’s career breakthrough came with her role in Mr. Iglesias on Netflix, where she showcased her versatility and comedic timing. Over the years, she has been involved in various projects, contributing both on-screen and behind the scenes as a writer and director.

Quick Wiki Facts

  • Ethnicity: White
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Family Details: Information about her family is relatively private, though she often credits her family for their unwavering support throughout her career.


What is Katie Feeney’s boyfriend’s name?

Her husband’s name is Zack Rad.

How rich is Katie Feeney?

Her estimated net worth is $5 million.

Who has Katie Feeney dated?

She dated Zack Rad before marrying him in 2020.

What is Katie Feeney’s real name?

Her full real name is Kathryn Feeney.


In summary, Kathryn Feeney is a multi-talented actress whose age, height, husband, and net worth have been topics of interest among her fans. With a solid educational background and a thriving career, she continues to impress in the entertainment industry. Her future looks bright, and her fans eagerly await her next projects. Be sure to follow her journey on her social media platforms for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes insights.

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