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Bunnie Xo, born Bunnie DeFord, is a multi-talented entertainer who has carved her own unique path in the limelight. She’s a bold podcaster, YouTuber, social media influencer, and the vivacious wife of musician Jelly Roll. Bunnie’s unapologetic persona and candid storytelling have amassed her a devoted following.

Net Worth

Bunnie Xo Net Worth

Bunnie Xo’s net worth is estimated to fall between $1 million to $2.5 million. This wealth has been accumulated through her diverse endeavors as a podcaster, YouTube content creator, and former model.

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Bunnie Xo Biography

Early Life and Dumb Blonde Podcast

Bunnie was born in 1980 in the music mecca of Nashville, Tennessee. Her upbringing was shaped by her musician father and mother who worked in the adult entertainment industry. In her early career, Bunnie embraced her sexuality, earning a staggering $40,000 per night as a sugar baby. She also modeled for Playboy TV.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Bunnie launched her YouTube channel with the popular series “Meet the DeFords,” offering a candid look into her life. A year later, she debuted the “Dumb Blonde Podcast,” quickly gaining traction with her ability to disarm guests like Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander and former Playboy bunny Holly Madison.

Marrying Jelly Roll

Bunnie’s love story with Jelly Roll began in 2015 when they met at a performance by the musician at Sin City’s Country Saloon in Las Vegas. After a whirlwind romance, Jelly Roll proposed to Bunnie during a concert in Vegas in 2016. The couple didn’t waste any time, tying the knot just 30 minutes before the courthouse closed that same night.

Their bond remained strong, and in August 2023, Bunnie and Jelly Roll renewed their vows at the very spot where they originally exchanged vows, solidifying their commitment.

She’s helped me through some of my darkest moments,” Jelly Roll said of his wife, praising her kindness towards his children Bailee Ann and Noah.

A Heart of Gold

Despite her bold, self-described “degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth” persona, Bunnie possesses a generous heart. In 2013, when she learned of a 65-year-old terminally ill woman named Suzanne Durham who wished to meet Jelly Roll, Bunnie made it happen.

This act of kindness encapsulates Bunnie’s belief that helping others is what life is truly about. Her caring nature extends to her role as a stepmother and wife, providing unwavering support to Jelly Roll during his darkest moments.

Bunnie’s Bold Online Persona

Bunnie’s rise as an internet celebrity can be attributed to her unfiltered, profanity-laced, and undeniably entertaining online presence. Her YouTube channel and podcast offered fans an authentic look at her life, devoid of the polished facades typical of many influencers.

Social Media PlatformFollowers

Her ability to connect with audiences by seamlessly blending crass humor and candid vulnerability propelled her to social media stardom. Bunnie’s viral posts often defied traditional norms, resonating with her followers who appreciated her authenticity.

Example Viral Posts:

  • A video documenting her first-ever experience with psychedelics
  • An Instagram post playfully roasting her husband’s fashion choices
  • A profanity-laden rant about societal double standards

Ultimately, Bunnie’s “Dumb Blonde” persona served as a Trojan horse, disarming audiences and allowing her to forge genuine connections through her unvarnished storytelling.


What is Bunnie XO famous for?

Bunnie Xo is famous for her wildly popular “Dumb Blonde” podcast, her engaging YouTube presence, and her irreverent social media persona as an influencer.

How did Bunnie get her money?

Bunnie’s wealth stems from various sources throughout her career:

  • Initially working as a sugar baby, earning exorbitant nightly rates
  • Modeling, including for Playboy TV
  • Her successful podcast and YouTube channel
  • Endorsement deals and sponsorships as a social media influencer

What did Bunnie do before Jelly Roll?

Before meeting and marrying Jelly Roll, Bunnie worked in the adult entertainment industry as a sugar baby and model. She also laid the foundations for her current career as an entertainer through her YouTube channel and podcast.

Why is Bunnie XO married to Jelly Roll?

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll’s whirlwind romance began in 2015 when they met at one of his shows in Las Vegas. After a year of dating, the smitten couple decided to tie the knot in an impromptu ceremony in Vegas in 2016, just minutes before the courthouse closed for the day.


Bunnie Xo’s journey is a testament to her ability to defy societal expectations and forge her own path to success. From her bold beginnings as a sugar baby to her current reign as an internet sensation, Bunnie has never shied away from displaying her authentic self.

Her “Dumb Blonde” persona may initially raise eyebrows, but it’s this very candor that has allowed Bunnie to cultivate a devoted fan base who appreciate her refreshing honesty. Beneath the crass exterior lies a warm-hearted individual dedicated to uplifting others, including her husband Jelly Roll and stepchildren.

For those seeking an unfiltered, entertaining look into the life of one of the internet’s most fascinating personalities, Bunnie’s podcast, YouTube channel, and social media platforms are a must-explore. Brace yourself for a wild ride filled with profanity-laced stories, hearty laughs, and nuggets of hard-earned wisdom from the one and only Bunnie Xo.

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