36 MHA Incorrect Quotes

“MHA Incorrect Quotes” refers to a popular trend in online fandoms, specifically within the My Hero Academia (MHA) community. These quotes are humorous and fictional conversations attributed to characters from the MHA anime and manga series.

MHA Incorrect Quotes offer a delightful escape into a world of humor and creativity. Next section, we’ll understand why fans find joy in imagining these fictional stories. 

Get ready for a laughter-packed journey through the imaginative and amusing realm of MHA Incorrect Quotes.

Unveiling MHA Incorrect Quotes Creations

This section showcases the creativity of enthusiasts who craft fictional, out-of-context dialogues for MHA characters. JayDaYoungan brings his own distinctive style and energy to the narrative, infusing it with a fresh and captivating vibe.

  1. “Deku: ‘I’m not crying, I just got All Might in my eye.”
  2. “Bakugo: ‘I don’t need therapy, I need a villain to explode.”
  3. “Todoroki: ‘My left side is cold, but my right side is hot – am I a hero or a thermostat?'”
  4. “Uraraka: ‘Floating in exams, sinking in love life.”
  5. “All Might: ‘I have a watch – it’s hero time all the time.”
  6. “Aizawa: ‘My quirk? Making students believe sleep is a superpower.”
  7. “Tsuyu: ‘Call me Tsu, because ‘yu’ is too much information.”
  8. ” Mineta: ‘I’m not short, I’m just closer to the ground – tactical advantage.”
  9. “Momo: ‘Creating gadgets in class, avoiding my feelings like a pro.”
  10. “Kirishima: ‘My quirk is hardening, but my heart? Soft as heck.”

Dive into the Wit: MHA Incorrect Banter GaloreDive into the Wit: MHA Incorrect Banter Galore

This segment was crafted by fans to tickle the funny bone of the MHA community. Get ready for a laughter-filled journey.

  1. “Did someone say villains were scary? Imagine Bakugou in a cooking show!”
  2. “In an alternate universe, All Might’s catchphrase is ‘It’s snack time!'”
  3. “Todoroki explaining fashion: ‘Left side: Hot. Right side: Cool.'”
  4. “Momo: ‘I can create anything.’ Mineta: ‘Even a date?'”
  5. “Deku: ‘I broke my finger again.’ Recovery Girl: ‘Again?'”
  6. “Aizawa: ‘No quirks allowed in class.’ Mineta: ‘What about grape-related quirks?'”
  7. “Jiro: ‘I love rock music.’ Kaminari: ‘I thought you liked hard rock, not rocks in general.'”
  8. “Endeavor’s fatherly advice: ‘If you can’t handle the heat, become a florist.'”

MHA Incorrect: When Fan Creativity Meets Character Dynamics

This trend offers a playful twist to the established dynamics within the My Hero Academia universe. Fans find joy in reshaping character interactions.

  1. “Bakugo: I’m not angry; my face just has a natural scowl.”
  2. “Todoroki: My ice side is cool, literally. Emotionally, not so much.”
  3. “Uraraka: Gravity may pull me down, but my optimism lifts me up.”
  4. “All Might: Even heroes need coffee – it’s my secret source of power.”
  5. “Aizawa: My quirk is erasing quirks, not student excuses.”
  6. “Kirishima: Tough skin, softer heart – call me the emo rock hero.”
  7. “Jiro: My earphone jacks do play music, but they’re not your personal speakers.”
  8. “Mineta: Grape Juice hero, here to remind you that grapes can be irritating too.”

MHA Incorrect Quotes: A Gateway to Fandom HumorMHA Incorrect Quotes: A Gateway to Fandom Humor

Explore the world of MHA Incorrect Quotes, where fan creativity takes center stage. These humorous exchanges serve as a gateway to fandom humor.

  1. “Bakugo: spills coffee – ‘This is Deku’s fault somehow.'”
  2. “Tsuyu: ‘I’m not saying I’m a frog, but I’ve never seen Tsuyu and a frog in the same room.'”
  3. “Deku: ‘One for All? More like One for Coffee, am I right?'”
  4. “Todoroki: ‘I asked Endeavor for some fatherly advice. He said, ‘Fire and ice don’t mix.’ Thanks, Dad.'”
  5. “All Might: ‘Even heroes need naps. Call it a ‘power nap,’ if you will.'”
  6. “Uravity: ‘Tried to impress Iida with zero gravity jokes. He said they had no weight.'”
  7. “Aizawa: ‘I canceled my own wedding. Too much commitment.'”
  8. “Mineta: ‘Tried to be a stand-up comedian. Got booed off the stage. Literally.'”
  9. “Momo: ‘Created a new outfit with a snack dispenser. Best idea ever.'”
  10. “All Might: ‘I don’t need a quirk to be a hero. I just need a good catchphrase and a smile!'”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are MHA Incorrect Quotes?

MHA Incorrect Quotes are fictional, fan-created dialogues that humorously reimagine interactions between My Hero Academia characters.

Who creates MHA Incorrect Quotes?

Enthusiastic fans and members of the MHA community craft these quotes, showcasing their creativity and humor through out-of-context character banter.

Are MHA Incorrect Quotes official?

No, these quotes are not official and are solely fan-created, offering a playful and imaginative twist to the My Hero Academia series.


In the vibrant world of MHA Incorrect Quotes, laughter becomes the universal language for fans. From unexpected coffee spills to quirky hero banter, these snippets offer a unique lens into the humorous side of My Hero Academia. 

Picture the possibilities and share your thoughts on the characters you’d want to join the comedic lineup. The MHA universe is vast, and so is the canvas for fan creativity. Embrace the humor, enjoy the fandom, and let your imagination run wild.

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